Course: Team Project EMShip

International master (EmShip)

In a first scientific paper, the students acquire the competence to independently work on a self-contained, possibly also interdisciplinary engineering task in a group (Team Project) under guidance. The students prove that they are able to present the task, the solution and the results of their work in accordance with applicable standards and using the respective specialist vocabulary in a high quality, to classify it scientifically and to reflect critically.

The task can be both practical and theoretical in nature. It should correspond to the advanced level of knowledge in the subject discipline and, as a rule, deal with the problems encountered in professional life.

This module is provided in English.





Report/ documentation, the report, and the performance over the semester will be graded. The deadline will be announced at the beginning of the course.


Module number: 1551490
Course: Ship Design

Prof. Dr.-Ing Florian Sprenger
M.Sc. Junheng Zhang

ECTS points: 6


  • Events: 2h/w teammeeting
  • Prep- and postprocessing, self study, homework: ~ 173 h
  • entire scope: ~ 180 h