Evaluation of student work

Evaluation of the written part

Student work submitted to the Chair of Ship Design at the University of Rostock will be evaluated according to the following criteria.

  1. Achievement of the work objective:
    • All required tasks should be completed.
    • Special attention is paid to how and to what extent the individual work steps have been dealt with.
    • If individual work packages have not been processed, the documentation should provide a reason for this. 
  2. Plausibility of the results:
    • The solutions and results presented must be documented in a meaningful, reproducible and comprehensible manner.
  3. Evaluation and discussion of the results:
    • All results achieved should be presented and discussed comprehensively.
    • Conclusions and any problems should be described in a way that is easy to understand.
  4. Independence in the preparation of the work:
    • The respective topic should be solved independently.
    • Consultation is always possible in coordination with the supervisor.
  5. Creativity during processing:
    • The extent to which the task has been extended or solved by own suggestions and / or solutions is evaluated. 
  6. Structure of the document:
    • The document should be logical and well structured, so that it is easy to read and contributes to a better understanding.
    • In this context, the presence of tables of contents, abbreviations and other indexes as well as the task description should also be mentioned.
    • It is strongly recommended that the planned structure of the paper be coordinated with the supervisor in time.
  7. Written style:
    • The overall style of the paper should be appealing.
    • In addition to correct grammar and spelling, this also applies to the presentation of text, graphics, tables, etc. It is recommended to follow the "Guide to writing scientific papers in engineering: "How to write a scientific paper - IN A NUTSHELL".
    • Furthermore the "LaTeX template for writing student papers" should be used.

 Items 1 through 3 will be weighted approximately 70% overall, and items 4 through 7 will be weighted approximately 30% overall.

Evaluation of presentations

Presentations given as part of student work at the Chair of Ship Design of the University of Rostock will be evaluated according to the following criteria.

  1. Presentation structure
    • good introduction, motivation for content: "helicopter view"
    • good structure, has "recurring theme"
    • Statements build logically on each other
    • Statements are comprehensible
    • appropriate scope: not too little, not too much
    • good summary, if necessary with outlook
  2. Slides
    • easy and readable: text, graphics, images, video
    • easy to interpret, even without extensive explanations if necessary
    • not overloaded, no "fun animations
    • no "text cemeteries", no "formula cemeteries"
    • good presentations exactly fitting to the respective topic
    • correct number (~1 per minute)
  3. Verbal impression
    • easy to understand: not too fast, not too slow, not too quiet
    • good, correct German/English, no colloquial expressions
    • correct reference to the slides, no "digressions"
  4. Discussion
    • Good, precise and complete answers to the questions, no "digressions" or excuses
    • References to slides made quickly and meaningfully
    • shows that the topic is understood "via the presentation itself
  5. Overall appearance of the presenter
    • serious, appropriate, not casual, "chummy"
    • Time kept (+- 2(3) minutes)
    • has technique under control

It is recommended that the "Guide to Presentations: "How to Prepare and Give a Presentation - IN A NUTSHELL" be followed....

Evaluation Scheme