Course: Ship and Marine Technology Laboratory

Bachelor mechanical engineering

The participants acquire knowledge and skills for conducting experiments in the field of marine engineering. This includes knowledge of the theory of the subject to be investigated as well as the application of experimental methods and their documentation. In cooperation with other chairs, various experiments will be offered, which will be announced in an introductory course. Note: the experiments may change from semester to semester.


Depending on the experiments conducted, lectures are offered for the respective introduction or repetition of the relevant topic. When these are planned with which topics will be announced in the introductory lecture.

Allocation of this course in study

This course is usually taken in the 6th semester parallel to the processing of the bachelor thesis.



 The examination consists of two individual tasks:

  • the reports on the results obtained
  • an oral examination (30 minutes)

Course number: 21115
Courses: Laboratory in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

Profs. Patrick Kaeding, Nikolai Kornev, Mathias Paschen, Florian Sprenger and staff

Credit points: 6 ECTS

Total amount: 180 h