Computer-aided development methods in ship and marine technology


Students will learn mathematical principles of curve and free-form surface modeling as a fundamental task of ship design. They will know required input information in the individual process steps. In addition, they will be able to formulate requirements for the tools used in the ship engineering development process or to evaluate the performance of such tools for individual tasks. The entire scope from ship design to production is investigated from the process perspective: listeners will recognize the necessity of information flow and be able to develop integration strategies in the shipbuilding context.

This Module is provided in English


Oral exam, 30 minutes duration, the module examination is graded.
The date of the examination will be announced by the study office. In order to gain permission to the examination, the homework must be successfully completed.


Module number: 1550940
Course: Computer-aided development methods in ship and marine technology

Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Bronsart / Prof. Dr.-Ing Florian Sprenger
M.Sc. Junheng Zhang

ECTS points: 6
Events: 2h/w Lecture, 2h/w Seminare


  • Events: 4h/w
  • Pre- and postprocessing, self study, homework: ~ 125 h
  • entire scope: ~ 180 h