Bachelor Mechanical Engineering - Specialization Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

The bachelor "Mechanical Engineering" at the University of Rostock is designed in such a way that students choose a specialization from the 4th semester onwards, building on the fundamentals of engineering and mechanical engineering acquired up to that point. One of the specializations available for selection is "Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering", which introduces the following courses:

If this specialization is chosen, it is recommended for:

  • the team project
  • the bachelor thesis
  • the internship

also to choose a topic with direct reference to ship and ocean technology!

Further information can be found in:

  • the examination regulations for the bachelor and master programs of the University of Rostock (RPO-Ba/Ma)
  • Course-specific examination and study regulations for the bachelor courses in mechanical engineering (SPSO B.Sc. MB)
  • Internship regulations

The regulations in the current version can be found here!