Main Research Area

Ongoing Research Projects

DigitShip – collection, analysis and utilisation of operational data for efficient and safe ships

Completed Research Projects

G- Splines Hull form representation with generalized B-spline surfaces

3D General Arrangement Plan

ETOPS Optimization of the Early Ship Design Process for complex One-of-a-Kind Vessels based on a consistent 3D Representation

DOShipS     Design and Optimization of Ships using Scenario Methods

EMAseed     An Enterprise Modelling Approach for the ship early enhanced design phase

PerSEE     Performance of Ships in Seaways

QMShip     Quality Management of Product Data Models for Ship Production

ShipRANS     Integration of RANS Methods in Ship Design

ShipMesh     Automated Grid Generation for CFD calculations of Shipflows

VISIONS     Visionary Concepts of Vessels and Floating Structures

AGAPAS     Autonomously Acting Rescue Robot for Persons in Distress at Sea

QualiSHIP     Quality Management of Ship Product Model Data

KonSenS     Design Standards for Ship Structures applied in CAD-Systems

MaMoS     Engineering Change Management in Ship Design Procress

ShinCoS     Collaboration Infrastructure in Ship Design and Production

mar-ing     Collaboration and E-Learing in Naval Architecture University Programmes